Real Estate Contract – Think Before You Sign

May 29, 2009

Real Estate Contract – Think Before You Sign

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You will have to negotiate with some buyers on certain issues. If you are really determined to sell your house.

The buyer will always try to offer you price less than the listed price.

Sometimes buyers fall in love with their houses during the negotiation process , so make a counter-offer so that you can live even if it seems like you are too far apart.

First of all, decide whether you wish to hire a real estate broker or handle all the formalities of a real estate contract by yourself. You will pocket a lot of savings by not hiring a real estate agent as they charge about 4%- 7% commission on the contract amount.

Another very important matter is your current finances. Many home sellers plan on using the proceeds from the sale of their existing house to buy another property.

One more factor is behind home selling which plays an important role in it.

If you are moving to a new home in another state, you probably do not have any other choose but to sell your existing house. Search out the recent home sale values in your neighborhood. Most probably you may have to give someone else a great deal on your property to get it sold. You can’t usually expect to sell your home for top dollar and purchase another one at a bargain price.

The home’s worth is probably the most important factor to be reflected upon before deciding to put your property up for sell.

So make it a point to ponder all the issues prior to seeking that real estate contract.

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